We care deeply about your business and work tirelessly to help you get more out of the Internet. We do this by combining our human creativity, passion for what we do, and a thoughtful analysis process that brings higher potential in today’s quantitative world. Each of our SEO Strategy proposals includes a brief complimentary site analysis, competitor analysis, and keyword overview.

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Absolutely. Most businesses cannot ignore the importance of SEO. No matter what type of business you have, whether you’re a local business, sell online, or a global enterprise. All businesses need to pay attention to their SEO strategy. For the average website, 50% of visitors come from search engines like Google.
It could take somewhere between six months and one year to rank on Google’s first page, but this is very much based on the level of resources you allocate to your strategy, the level of competition, and what others who compete for the same queries are doing. Websites have to earn their way to the top of Google.

There are many factors that influence how a site ranks in search engines, and only Google has access to what those variables are. But there is some information on proven practices to help us better our rank, though! Including:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • High-Quality Content
  • Backlinks
  • Site Speed
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Website Structure

PPC is a great way of delivering traffic to your website instantly. You can turn it on and off, but sometimes there may be lots of money involved in the process which makes it difficult for small businesses to compete with larger companies that have more funds available. SEO takes time – maybe even years depending on how visible you want your site to become organically. However, over time your website will see greater rewards when naturally ranking higher on search engines due to its increased visibility.